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On time delivery to all ports in Oman

On Time Delivery

Get on-time delivery to any port and cities in Oman - Sohar, Duqm, Khasab, Mina Qaboos, Muscat, Qalhat, Salalah

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New generation formulation with international standards

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Get solutions for all your problems from our 20+ years experienced technical experts. Just drop an email and you will get a response.

Application based

We have more than 3000 + chemicals related to various industries.

Special Products

  • RXSOL 2000 Corrosion Inhibitor
    RXSOL 2000 to use in closed cooling water systems as a high-temperature coolant for internal combustion stationers, engines, machinery, snow melting systems, and industrial heat transfer fluids, for preventing corrosion and scale formation.
  • Scale Inhibitor Antiscalant 9000
    Scale Inhibitor Antiscalant 9000 is specially designed to inhibit scale formation in RO systems equipped with polyamide, cellulose acetate- and polyether membranes. It is a stabilized solution of organic phosphonates and polyacrylates with a high dispersing effect.
  • Rust Stain Remover RSR
    It is a superior heavy-duty and highly concentrated liquid blend of surfactants & organic compounds containing rust penetrating agents, solubilizers, and inhibitors. Acts as a rust-proofing agent. It is non-flammable. Prevents further rusting. Cleans and brightens aluminum and copper.
  • Air Cooler Chemical Plus
    Highly concentrated organic solvent-based emulsion cleaner. Renders surface oil repellent. Maintains and stabilizes air cooler efficiency at a maximum. Saves time, and maintenance cost and avoids risks of damage when dismantling. No harmful effect on the engine.

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