Dus Ka Dum – Exclusive offers on commercial and household cleaning chemicals

With trusted customers all over the globe, it is imperative to offer them best of all the deals. Here’s presenting Dus Ka Dumthe discount festival where you can find all your required degreasers and cleansers in utility packs and on great discounts.

Be it automobile industry, households, water treatment plants or any other commercial industry, degreasers and cleansers are such products that are required by everybody though in varied quantities. The role of degreasers and other cleaning chemicals cannot be explained to satisfactory extent ever.  They are an equally important part of any industrial process or household chores as the operation of any other equipment. Such products are enjoyed worldwide in different sectors and by various means. To establish a means of thanking our customers for their loyalty Dus Ka Dum offers a wide array of discounts of all degreasers and cleaning agents.

The most interesting part of these offers is the discount that you can avail out of these economic packs. With a purchase of up to 250 litres you get a great discount of 10%, while with a purchase of up to 350 litres gives you discount of 20%. Moreover, if you buy up to 500 litres, bag a discount of 30% while with a purchase of more than 500 litres gives you get an unbelievable discount of 40%. All you need to do to avail the Dus Ka Dum offer is to go online and order them with a click of the button through www.rxsolgroup.com.

Discount Facility

We offer 40% discount to our customers

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