1Corrosion and scale formation in closed cooling water systems of internal combustion engines, compressors, diesel generators RXSOL-40-4002
2Growths such as algae, shellfish, mussels, barnacles and micro-organisms and fungal growth in the sea water side of coolings systems. RXSOL-40-4003
3Boiler Corrosion ,Hardness salts formation, Acidic conditions,Caustic corrosion ,Magnesium and calcium salts formation RXSOL-50-5004
4Acids formation in the condensate system. RXSOL-50-5005e
5Scale deposition and hardness of water in boilers Formation of calcium salts RXSOL50-5006-
6Scale formation in internal combustion engines, compressors, chiller system and DG sets.RXSOL-13-4013
7Scale Deposition,Corossion, Rust ,Water scale formation in boiler evaporators,heat exchangers,cooling systemsRXSOL-54-1008-025
8Formation of rust and scale in low pressure and auxillary boilers with working pressure up to 20 barsRXSOL-50-5001
9Corrosion in closed cooling systemsRXSOL-40-4011
10Scale deposition in Radiators ,DG sets, Closed cooling systemsRXSOL-40-4007
11Algae Fungi growth in condenser water systemRXSOL-40-4009
12Corossion and calcium salt scales deposition in boilersRXSOL-50-5002
13Dirt , grime, soil deposition on coils , fins and fan bladesRXSOL-50-5015
14Oil contamination and sludge formation in boilersRXSOL-50-5003
15Corossionof aluminium and ferrous metals due to environmental conditions like high heat, humidity, sea water .RXSOL-50-5007
16High Water conductivity in boilers, electronics, electrical discharge cutting machineRXSOL-32-3101
17Mineral scale deposits on passages of water cooled or heated equipmentsRXSOL-40-1048
18Scale deposition on internal surface of boilersRXSOL-50-5008
19Oil contamination , scale – sludge formation and corrosionRXSOL-50-5010
20Bilge water residue formationRXSOL-32-3105
21Corossion and scale formation in internal combustion engine , compressor, cooling system, DG setsRxsol 2000
22Corossion in engine radiators, Scale and corrosion formation in Internal combustion engine, compressor cooling systems, DG setsRXSOL 2000 - 20
23Scale deposition in water heating and cooling systems likeBoilers condensers,heat exchangers , jackets and coils-
24Hard water-
25Growth f algaecide , fungi in water-
26Scale and corrosion formation in internal combustion engine-
27Boiler Sludge precipitate hardening-
28Low Boiler efficiency due to oxygen content in feeder water .Corossion and pitting in boiler RXSOL 5006
29Hard sludge and corrosionRXSOL-50-5004-020
30Cavitation corrosion in high speed coolant pipes-
31Rust or iron oxide scale in iron or steel after processing-
32Feeder water with low hardness-
33Organic compounds in water-
34Mineral Scale Deposition Boiler over heatingRXSOL-16-1008-060
35Infection and salination in water-
36Rust and scale formation in auxillary boilers-
37Scale in seawater evaporators Problems in cooking systems, air conditioning equipments and heat exchangers RXSOL-51-6001-025
38Rust and corrosion in radiators and engineering precious metals like aluminium-
39Corrosion and Ph in steam and condensate systems-
40Cavitation corrosion in high speed coolant pumps-
41Scale and corrosion causing Pitting and cavitation erosion in internal combustion engine , DG setsRXSOL 2000-25
42Light oil Contamination . Adherent deposit and sludge formation in boilersRXSOL-50-5003
43Growth of micro biocide and bacteria growth in condenser water system . Algae growth in water and colour change in water.RXSOL-40-4009
44Boiler over heating . Sludge deposition in boilersRXSOL-50-5008
45Low heat transfer , Depostion in boiler tubes of marine boiler systemRXSOL-50-20
46Feeder water hardnessRXSL-50-5011
47Corossion of metals and pipe fittings Excess oxygen content in waterRXSOL -19-1541
48Filter CartridgesRXSOL-32-1547
49FRP VesselsRXSOL-32-1548
50 Pressure GaugeRXSOL-32-1549
51Resin Iron SpecificRXSOL-32-1550
52Oil, sludge, sooth ,carbon, soil and grime deposits. Corossion of metals . Deposits n decks , tanks, engine roomsRXSOL-13-1501
53RXSOL-19-2031 Sodium Thiosulphat eRXSOL-19-2031
54Organic corrosion and scale formation in closed cooling water systemsRXSOL-40-4002
55Highly corrosice conditionRXSOL-19-1101
56Corossion in copper and copper alloy based water systemRXSOL-40-4017
57Corosion and deposits in closed and aerated cooling systemRXSOL-40-4018
58Water treatment problems in closed cooling systemsRXSOL-40-4019
59Metal oxide deposits, corrosion in ferrous and non ferrous metalRXSOL-40-4020
60Corossion in steel, aluminium and non ferrous metalRXSOL-40-4026
61Corrosion Inhibitor Antifoulant Conc.RXSOL-40-4027
62Corossion in pen and closed cooling systems, steel and alumimium systemsRXSOL-40-4028
63Calcium Scale deposition in low pressure boilers and medium pressure stam propulsion vesselsRXSOL-50-5006
64Rocor OC Liquid HDRXSOL-40-4030
65Rocor MAR-71RXSOL-40-4031
66Algae growth in feeder waterRXSOL-40-4032
67Heat transfer problems, scale formation in radiators, closed cooling system DG sets,closed cooling and chiller systemRXSOL-40-4034
68Corrosion of Ferrous and aluminium metal due to environmental conditionRXSOL-40-4035
69 Drinking Water AdditiveRXSOL-40-4236
70Oil, grease, dirt and loose metal oxide deposits n engines (all types )RXSOL-40-4037-025
71Algae and fungal growth in the sea water side of cooling systemsRXSOL-40-4038-025
72Corrosion and scale formation in internal combustion engines, compressors, chiller system and DG sets .RXSOL-40-4039-025
73Polymaleic acidRXSOL-40-4040-060
74Wate water treatment in refineryRXSOL-19-1630
75Cooling system against foaming, scale formation and corrosion in engines and coolant pumpsRXSOL-40-4041
76Corrosion and Scale Inhibitor for open and closed cooling systemsRXSOL-40-4022-025
77Scale formation , Leakage and corrosion in closed cooling systems and chilled water systemsRXSOL-40-4011-025
78Organic scales and corrosion in condensorsRXSOL-40-4042
79Corrosion and Bacterial , algae and fungal growth in condenser water system with all commonly used antifoulants and corrosion inhibitorsRXSOL-40-4009
80Growth of algae, shellfish, mussels, barnacles and micro-organisms and fungal in the sea water. Biological corrosionRXSOL-40-4003-025
81RXSOL-60-6185-007 Sulfuric Acid N/50RXSOL-60-6185-007
82Cavitation and corrosion to all metals – aluminium, ferrous and yellow metal and alloys that are used in cooling systemsRXSOL-40-4021
83Cavitation in water pumper and surface cavitation in hotspots of cylinder headRXSOL-40-4043-025
84Antifouling LiquidRXSOL-40-4038-210
85pH BoosterRXSOL-40-5024
86Hygrogensulphide gas CorrosionRXSOL-11-5014-210
87Corrosion, Oxygen content in boiler water-
88 PolyelectrolytePolyelectrolyte
89Chlorine ScavengerRXSOL-40-4099-210
90Bacteria, Fungus, Virus-Sporicide and algaecide and OdoursRXSOL-40-4098
92Oil contamination in boiler Sludge deposit in low and high pressure boilersRXSOL-40-5026
93Corossion in closed cooling water systems Contamination of inorganic saltsRXSOL-40-4090-025
94Odour and color in waterRXSOL-40-4097-025
95Water purification in Water treatment plantsRXSOL-40-4095-025
96Potable Water Corrosion Inhibitor PolRXSOL-40-4094-025
97RXSOL-40-4093-210 Bio Dispersant (Cooling Water Treatment)RXSOL-40-4093-210
98Metallic corrosion and scale formation in cooling systems ( open and closed cooling systems ).RXSOL-40-4091-025
99Oil residue in bilge waterRXSOL-40-4096-025
100 EWT CoagulantRXSOL-40-4089-025
101Cooling Water FlowingRXSOL-19-1902-025
102STP NeutralizerRXSOL-40-5028-025
103 Sodium PhosphateRXSOL-19-1639-250
104Polyelectrolyte (Cationic)RXSOL-40-4046-025
105 Dechlorine LiquidRXSOL-40-4047-030
107Maintain water conductivity in bolier feed for high pressure boilers, electronicsRXSOL-32-3101-050
108corrosion and scaling due to system operation not flexible problems in auxiliary and exhaust gas heaters on the boats.RXSOL-40-5027
109Contaminted ions in Radiator and cooling water system Scale and oxide deposits while the engine is in operation.RXSOL-40-4037
110Corossion in chloridebrine close recirculating systemRXSOL-40-4049-025
111Metal and toxinsRXSOL-40-4050-050
112Water Contamination in food industryRXSOL-40-3038
113Chloramine in drinking water after treatment. Water Infection. Water salinationRXSOL -19-1496
114Water infection , Odour , corrosion, waste water treatment in food, beverage agriculture, irrigation ,farming , Cooling TowersRXSOL-31-3025
115Corossionands scale formation 1. Leakage in PHE and AHU due to corrosion 2. Plugging and clogging of tubes and reduced flow rateRXSOL-40-4023
116Water scale & rust formation on boilers/diesel engine & other cooling system,condensers, evaporators, & heat exchangers etcRXSOL-54-1048-020
117Sewage TreatmentRXSOL-40-4159