Here are answers to most FAQ about our Company, products and services. If still you have more queries you can call us or contact us through our email.
What products does the Company deal in? The Company has an extensive range of best quality, high performing water and wastewater treatment chemicals. Water quality analysis equipment, specialty chemicals, in-field test kits, pumps and dosing and control equipment. What treatment products are available? Vast range of chemicals like degreasers, cleaners, treatment chemicals, biocides, cooling and closed loop treatments, polymers, odor controllers, innovative solid chemicals, boiler water treatment chemicals, eco-friendly enzyme and bacteria based products and much more. What analysis equipment is available? We have full range of biocide test kits for oxidizing and non oxidizing biocides, laboratory analysis services, microbiology testing, comparator test, titration tests and many more. What control equipment is available? We have boiler system control equipment, pumps, generators, controllers, meters, brominators and tablet holders, steel grease traps, pH and redox controllers, meters for turbidity and suspended solids, water meters and much more.
Technical Support
Is technical support available? Yes. We have well trained and certified technical staff to answer all your queries about our product. Is technical training available? Yes. We have extensive range of water treatment training courses that are specifically designed for water treatment professionals; facility managers and engineers.
Entering into partnership with us
How do I become a distributor of your products? We are always interested in extending our business via distributorship. If you are a well established organization committed to first class customer support, providing excellent service and you are interested in growing your business. What support is there for distributors and partners? We have an optimized support program that provides extensive product training, technical and sales training, marketing materials, sales opportunity targeting and much more.
Product prices & orders
How do I review prices and purchase products? Prices are not available online. Products quotation can be obtained via email or call our support team for prices and placing orders. How are products delivered? Our logistics team has an expert transport system including pump-over, commercial road vehicles, bulk tankers, sea and air freight facilities lined up to deliver hazardous and non hazardous goods safely to destination.