Seawater, humidity and high heat may cause corrosion in boilers. Oxygen is highly corrosive that causes localized pitting and attack on boiler metal. Chemical treatment is required to make these gases and their effects harmless and inhibit corrosion in boiler. Oxygen Control from Rx Marine is such product used instead of hydrazine, in low pressure boilers. Oxygen Control when used in place of hydrazine helps removal of dissolved oxygen with ease. This formulation in particularly help protecting ferrous and aluminum metals from corrosion. It may also assist in neutralizing dissolved Carbon Di Oxide. Formation of scales on boiler surface may interfere with heat transfer, and overheating may lead to damaging of boiler. Oxygen Control from Rx Marine controls sediment formation on boiler surfaces and hence making them safe and more durable.


• It is a non flammable, low odor product safe for use.
• It protects steam lines, boilers, feed water lines and condensate lines from corrosion and scaling.
• It is fast and easy to use.
• Simple test may determine level of treatment.
• This High quality chemical product from Rx Marine is available at affordable prices.
• Ingredients used in Oxygen Control makes it safe to handle and use.