hydrogen-sulfide-scavenger 210 ltr

Hydrogen Sulfide Scavenger 210 Ltr

Removal of hydrogen sulfide gas from process systems, therefore reducing corrosion

Product Description

Hydrogen Sulfide Scavenger -RXSOL-11-5014-210  corrosive and Acidic GAS Remover H2S Scavengers and Speaciality Chemicals to Reduce Hydrogen Sulfide Exposure Harmful and Colorless toxic gas, Toxic Odor like rotten egg in to the working environment is due to presence of good amount of Hydrogen Sulfide in the system.   Hydrogen Sulfide is corrosive and Acidic GAS towards metal equipment practically observed that within 5 years can cause millions of dollars in damage to infrastructure. Rx Marine International offers a compleate line of water soluble and oil soluble hydrogen sulfide scavengers that can be applied via continous injection or through batch treatments. HS Code : 3811900


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