Why Choose Us:

We at Water Treatment Chemical are loaded with some of the very unique features. Some of them have been mentioned here:

  • Due to the presence of high concentration chemicals, it is very effective in its cleaning properties. It works very rapidly and the quantity required to carry out this activity is very less. So it is the most cost effective solution.
  • The quality of the chemicals used is of high quality and the results are also quite good. So scrapping is not required.
  • On using the chemicals, you get a very prompt response.
  • The new advance formulated H.M.HDPE carboys is packed in a yellow packets for easy identification.
  • The chemicals are sealed with advance technology that controls and prohibits any adulteration.
  • Each and every drum has a specific batch no. that is used for future record.
  • You can get a ready stock in some of the important places like Kandla / Mumbai / JNPT / Kolkatta / Haldia / Paradip / Chennai / Mangalore / Vizag & FUJAIRAH (Dubai).
  • We operate 24 Hours x 7 Days to serve its customers better.
  • The consumers or the vendors can mail their queries or complaint at mail@rxmarine.com. Your mail affects the working of all branch delivery and strict instructions are given to the officials.
  • Discount can be made applicable to some of the listed customer.
  • Facility of delivering goods to the destination is provided.
  • We provide you full technical support in case of any issue.


  • Economical deal – We offer you the most cost – effective solution.
  • Easy to Access – We are easily accessible as we have kept all the doors for reaching us open.
  • Customers Satisfaction- We are at the service of our customers 24 X7.